Seth & Leah Biek

Seth and Leah hail (mostly) from the Mitten State. Both were raised in Christian homes but accepted Christ as Lord and Savior after getting married in 2001. After becoming believers, Seth and Leah both felt called into full-time ministry, but it would be several more years before they would join the staff at Life Action Camp.

Seth and Leah have seven children and are blessed to serve at a ministry where family is the main focus. Seth serves as the Program Manager. He leads the team affectionately referred to as the Department of Diversions and Merriment. From stage to field to waterfront, this team serves guests by creating moments for families to laugh and play together, with the goal of helping remove life’s cares for a little while.

Role at Camp:
Program Manager

Joined Life Action: 2012

Originally From: (mostly) Michigan

Passions Include: Creating, reading, eating, serving, coffee, family

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