Watch How COVID IS Affecting Life Action camp


Here's how you can help right now

Belly laughs and blob launches, passionate worship and giddy kids, super salads and rowdy field games—we miss all of it. But most of all, we’re missing YOU and your family.

Even though we’ve been able to open The Camp to a limited number of families for the second half of the summer, we have some significant financial needs due to COVID-19 restrictions. We are projecting a $500,000 shortfall this year. That’s why we wanted to ask for your help.

Your gift of $250, $500, $1000, or even more would go a long way toward enabling us to inspire more people to say YES to God in the decade ahead.

Life Action Camp is still here, and our vision is still strong—to inspire you and hundreds of other families to keep saying YES to God. Going forward, we’re dreaming big about what the next ten years of Camp can mean for the thousands of people who will visit this property in the days ahead. We hope you will be among them!
Thanks for being a part of the Life Action Camp family. Know that you are being remembered, loved, and prayed for by our team here.