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Frequently Asked Questions:

If they are young or it’s their first time, two weeks may be a wise choice, just to get used to the pace and jobs of CREW. Most returners desire to serve longer!
For legal reasons, we cannot accept anyone under the age of 14.
There are also laws in place that put limitations on the type of work we can assign those under the age of 16. As a result, there is limited space for 14 and 15-year-olds in the program.
In addition to the CREW Manager and our staff members who serve as their work assignment supervisors, we carefully choose college-aged young adults who stay in each cabin and care for your child while they are serving with us.
You are responsible to get your child to and from the Camp property. We do offer shuttles from the South Bend Airport and Niles Amtrak Train Station, if needed. Your child can submit a shuttle request form if they need to be picked up from the airport or train station.
Plan for your child to arrive between 3-5pm on the Sunday they’re scheduled to begin serving. If you’re traveling by plane or train and limited by ticket options, please schedule arrivals between Saturday morning and Sunday before 4pm.
For extenuating circumstances, contact Alicia Shedd at crew@lifeaction.org or 269-697-6614.
We’ve learned that CREW (especially new CREW) have a much better experience (both as campers and as CREW members) when they CREW after they’ve camped.

Serving on CREW enables them to preview and enjoy the new theme, special activities, and all the fun surprises we plan for an awesome family camping experience.

Many of our CREW have additionally shared with us how this scenario has also made it hard for them to focus on their families as they tend to gravitate to their CREW community they developed the week before.

While this is completely your decision, we strongly recommend (especially for new CREW) that they camp before they CREW.

Yes! We can accommodate this. Please email us at crew@lifeaction.org so we are aware and can make provision for this exception.
CREW stay in various bunk-style cabins with fellow CREW members according to gender. A CREW Supervisor lives with them and oversees cabin cleanliness, order, curfew, and prayer times.

Camp life for a CREW member can be rather rigorous and free time is often scarce. When CREW members find chill-time, they often rest in their cabins or enjoy various recreational activities such as volleyball, games at the snack shop or lodge, soccer, swimming, canoeing, etc…

See the CREW Info Packet for more details.

Yes. They can note on their application their connection and interest in serving together. However, we cannot make any guarantees as there are many factors going into work assignment placement.
Work assignments are created based on a number of factors, including age of the CREW members, strengths, and availability for each particular week. Work assignments are not finalized until the Friday before each Camp week, so there are no guarantees for specific work assignments.

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